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If you’re looking for a slightly more comprehensive health and wellbeing package for your staff, coupled with the occupational health support required to keep your organisation running smoothly, our enhanced package could be ideal for you.

In addition to all the reactive services included as standard in the Essential OH package, the Enhanced OH package includes a series of proactive wellbeing services available to all your covered staff, which they can access anonymously and confidentially if they wish. These include counselling, CBT, stress coaching, physiotherapy and access to our Virtual GP.


Our standard package is an ideal solution if you're looking for a cost-effective and entry level way of receiving support from an experienced provider.

enhanced plus

Our enhanced+ package provides a huge scope of support services ranging from an absence management programme, to financial advice for employees.

corporate wellbeing

Our corporate wellbeing product is perfect for any organisation who’d like to see improved morale, productivity, tenure and presenteeism from their team without it costing the earth.



Our enhanced plan offers a more comprehensive wellbeing package, coupled with market leading occupational health support for your staff.

Range of services

In addition to all the benefits of the standard service, you and your staff will be entitled to a wide range of services including physiotherapy and counselling.

Reduced uncertainty

Choosing this option means that if you have any uncertainty you can refer a member of staff to us without having to worry about your budget.

signing up is

Our online quote system and sign up process is easy to complete, and efficient to manage once you’ve joined.


Essential OH benefits

If you choose our Enhanced OH option, you and your staff will have access to all features from our Essential OH package.

Stress coaching

Up to six sessions of stress coaching per employee, by video on our app, or by telephone.

Counselling & CBT

Up to six sessions of counselling or CBT per employee, by video on our app, or by telephone.


Up to four sessions of physio per employee, including an initial assessment by video and follow up appointments in local clinics.

Anxiety management

Access guided therapy and industry-leading techniques to help with managing your own anxiety.

Virtual GP

Access to a GP from your Smart Phone, using Babylon Health’s virtual GP and private prescription service.