Smart Clinic


OH assessments

Unlimited management referrals for an occupational health assessment with one of our occupational health advisors. Made online via your client area.

Client support

Our friendly client support team are on hand to support you with onboarding and any queries you may have.

Online admin area

From making referrals to reporting on usage, our client area gives you access to everything you need at your fingertips.

Pre-placement screenings

Unlimited pre-placement screening referrals for non-safety critical roles such as teachers, with one of our occupational health advisors.

Smart phone 'app'

Access to the Smart Clinic app, meaning we’re available in your pocket 24-hours a day, year-round.

Online referral system

Our custom-built online referral system ensures that referring your staff to us couldn't be simpler.

24-hour helpline

24-hour access to our employee assistance line for all staff, giving access to emergency counselling, legal and financial advice plus much more.

Online staff area

All staff will have access to an online client area, 24-hours a day, where they can access services and information.

Management information

Access management and usage information to ensure you’re receiving good value for your investment.

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Brilliant service and very understanding. I will definitely recommend to others.

Smart Clinic Client

The Smart Clinic service was very sensitive and professional. Thank you.

Smart Clinic Client

My assessor was very good and knew what she was talking about and I'm ever so grateful. Thank you very much.

Smart Clinic Client

Great service, very professional and caring.

Smart Clinic Client

I found the service excellent and really helpful.

Smart Clinic Client

Very professional company.

Smart Clinic Client

The whole process was very supportive.
Thank you.

Smart Clinic Client

Smart Clinic offer a very understanding and comforting service.

Smart Clinic Client

Every phone call was very professional and yet friendly. As time went on it was lovely to feel that she was pleased that I was getting better.

Smart Clinic Client

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Reasonable adjustments

Occupational health reports will often use the phrase ‘reasonable adjustments’, which can seem like an ambiguous term, so it’s important ...

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