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We are the Smart Clinic, a specialist provider of occupational health and corporate wellbeing packages to organisations around the UK.

Our service ensures that you and your colleagues have access to market leading support, quickly, conveniently and affordably. For the price of a cup of coffee, your team can join our wellbeing revolution.

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wellbeing packages

Find out how your staff can access our suite of wellbeing services from their mobile phone, tablet or computer.

OH packages

Whether you’re a business, school or charity, we’ll help you to manage your staff absences with fast and efficient oh support.

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We’re proud to do things a little differently. To see how our awesome support services and wellbeing ‘app’ work, take the video tour.


Core Features.

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Pre-placement screening

To assess a teacher’s medical capacity to undertake their new role within your school.

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Support 24/7

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100% Responsive

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Easy Customization

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Our Latest News.

Reasonable adjustments

Occupational health reports will often use the phrase ‘reasonable adjustments’, which can seem like an ambiguous term, so it’s important ...