Occupational health for schools, academies, colleges and trusts

We know from working with around 2,000 schools and academies per year, some of the challenges that are faced within the education sector.

With an ever-increasing expectation on the education sector to deliver good results despite strict budgetary constraints, it’s more important than ever that schools are able to manage their absences and reduce the amount of lost working days.

Staff absenteeism can have a hugely detrimental impact on students and colleagues, not to mention the financial implications of engaging supply staff and/or human resources support.

Managing your absences requires specialist knowledge and understanding of a company who is fully engrained in the sector. Working in education has unique challenges, and requires knowledge of employment law relating to teachers, teaching support and administrative staff, with a full understanding of working capacity in order to provide expert assessments and opinion.

We also understand the prevalence of stress in schools. Each year almost 4% of teachers will be forced to take time off due to stress, and around 57% of schools will have a member of staff absent with stress, well above average in the UK.
For this reason, we will work tirelessly with you to help identify early symptoms of stress, and prevent staff from going absent, or help to manage absent staff back into work.

By working with Smart Clinic, not only can you manage your budgetary concerns by signing up to a package with unlimited usage at a fixed cost, you can also benefit from an industry specific team of clinicians working with you to achieve your objectives.

Some of the common benefits our schools, academies and multi-academy
trusts find from our service are:

  • Expert medical advice on opinions on fitness for work
  • A reduction in lost working days
  • An increase in morale
  • Improved productivity
  • A reduction in staff related costs

Some of our education specific health and wellbeing services are:


Pre-placement screenings

To assess a teacher’s medical capacity to undertake their new role within your school.

Musculoskeletal assessments

An assessment of working capacity, specific to any bone or muscular concerns.

Mental health assessments

To assess a member of staff’s fitness to work relating specifically to any mental health concerns.

OH assessments

To assess a member of staff’s fitness to work and address any specific queries you have relating to an illness or absence, such as advice on the equality act.

Mental health first aid training

We’ll train a member of your staff to be a mental health first aider to the students, helping to identify and recognise early stages of mental health concerns.

Wellbeing visits

We’ll spend time at your school to conduct health promotion activities that will boost morale, make staff feel valued, and help them to maintain positive health.

Employee assistance helpline

24-hour access to employee support, including emergency counselling or medical advice.

Counselling, CBT & psychotherapy

Structured sessions to help members of staff deal with any of their existing issues.


Helping staff to manage musculoskeletal issues without taking time off work.
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